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2019 Successful ClubGrants

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Wests Leagues Club

WILMA Women’s Health Centre

WILMA Wellness Card


Clients experiencing financial difficulties will be issued with a Wellness card, which will allow them to access and utilize all services at WILMA Women’s Health Centre. The card will be in the form of vouchers which can be used throughout the centre to attend any paid activity for example this will cover all exercise groups such as Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation, Gentle Exercise and will also allow them to see the Acupuncturist, Naturopath and or Massage therapist.

Contact – Michelle Mays // Phone: 02 46272955 // Email:

 Rotary Club of Macarthur Sunrise 

Dolly Parton Imagination Library


The Dolly Parton Imagination Library is an international early literacy project that helps instil a love of reading in children.  Registered participants receive a book bag and a book is mailed to them every month from birth to their 5th birthday.  Money received from ClubGRANTS will help to sustain the project into the future.

Contact – Cathie Richardson // Phone: 0407783277 // Email:

 Kookaburra Kids Foundation

Mental health early intervention for young people from Campbelltown living in families affected by mental illness


Children/young people from Campbelltown LGA living in families affected by mental illness will receive vital mental health early intervention, delivered within a recreational weekend camp. The camp they attend will be age-specific, not only to facilitate friendship-making, but also to ensure tailored psycho-education. Through the camp, children/young people will: – connect and build friendships with other children/young people who share common experiences, showing them they are not alone; – participate in fun recreational, creative, social and wellbeing activities together (eg. high ropes, archery, canoeing, quad bikes, craft, art, yoga, board games, movie night); – receive education about mental illness to reduce stigma, their sense of blame and de-bunk myths, and provide them with the knowledge to facilitate conversations about mental illness at home, fostering stronger relationships with their families; – build effective coping skills to bounce back from challenges and adversity, building their resilience; – identify supports in the community where they can seek help with personal or emotional problems; – receive in-the-moment counselling, triage of needs and referral to appropriate ongoing supports, where needed. Free transport will be available for children/young people to access their camp and they will be supported by a mental health clinician, Kookaburra Kids Program Coordinators, and volunteer leaders.

Contact-Jo Rowntree // Phone: 0295257474 // Email:

 Miracle Babies Foundation

NICU Survival Packs – Campbelltown Hospital Special Care Nursery (SCN)


Miracle Babies Foundation requests funding to produce and deliver 200 NICU Survival Packs to Campbelltown Hospital Special Care Nursery (SCN) to support families with premature or sick newborn babies. Every year in Australia around 48,000 newborn babies need a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) or Special Care Nursery (SCN). Campbelltown Hospital SCN cares for hundreds of premature or sick newborn babies annually. For families, having a premature or sick baby can be overwhelming and traumatic, with significant effects on emotional wellbeing and mental health. Babies may face ongoing health challenges including developmental delay or disability. Provided to parents upon hospital admission, NICU Survival Packs contain vital resources to support families during and after their baby’s stay in hospital and improve long-term wellbeing and health outcomes.

Name – Janet Hillis // Phone: 0409575475 // Email:

 Children’s Festival Organisation

Macarthur Multicultural Children’s Festival


A festival that brings children and families together from all different cultures, religious backgrounds & abilities and helps build harmony at the grassroots level. This is a totally inclusive event that seeks to involve families from every section of our community.

Contact: Brian Laul // Phone: 0412581395 // Email:


MacUnity Aboriginal Elders Volunteer Support


Contact: Tania McCurley // Phone: 46485933 //

Ingleburn RSL Club Logo 1

Ingleburn RSL

Technical Aid for the Disabled – TAD

Supporting Our Core Workforce in the City of Campbelltown


The Macarthur Volunteer Group donates their time and skills to designing and building custom equipment for approximately 13 people with disabilities in their local communities each year. This project will help our volunteers to continue their vital work for the benefit of people with disabilities by meeting their training and meeting expenses as well as materials, tools and fuel costs.

Contact: Cathryn Pudner // Phone: 0299123422 // Email:

 Hope Anglican Church

Affordable Community Play Time “Little Lambs Play Time” in Growing Area for Parents/Caregivers and Children


In 2018, volunteers from Hope Anglican Church began Little Lambs Play Time with a focus on establishing relationships between parents/caregivers and between children in the new Willowdale Estate and surrounding suburbs. Little Lambs Play Time is an inviting, warm and friendly social group for children ages 0-5. Over 50 members look forward to attending Little Lambs weekly during school terms, as the activities are interactive, engaging, social and educational. We aim to build strong community during this important life stage when it is common to feel isolated, exhausted, lonely and anxious. Both parents/caregivers and children benefit from Little Lambs Play Time immensely. Kids make great developmental leaps through both the structured and unstructured times at Little Lambs.

Contact: Ellen Smith // Phone: 0415252980 // Email:

 Parkinson’s NSW Limited

Art for Parkinson’s

(Art Therapy workshops for people suffering from Parkinson’s Disease)

Macarthur Support Group


Art for Parkinson’s is an innovative art therapy/health programme especially designed for people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Their disabling symptoms are alleviated during the art making process as scientific evidence shows that being creative may change the brain and allow it to form new pathways of communication along brain cells. As a result, they have a feeling of stronger physical and mental wellbeing. This health initiative also provides a social and welfare service to ensure connectedness with their local community.

Contact: Alyson Blanks // Phone: (02) 8051 1900 // Email:

 Ingleburn Public School

Building the world’s first school-based clinic to improve students’ social and academic outcomes – Clinic Equipment


A network of public schools in South-West Sydney (Ingleburn PS, Warwick Farm PS, Macquarie Fields PS, Sackville Street PS, Robert Townson PS, Campbelltown Preschool) have partnered to establish the world’s first school-based clinic to provide Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), one of the most effective evidence-based programs for addressing disruptive behaviour problems in young children. Approximately 6% of Australian children have disruptive behaviour disorders. These problems persist throughout life and lead to later mental illness, family dysfunction and violence, academic failure, and criminality, making them a serious public health concern. Students with disruptive behaviour problems are a major concern to schools. PCIT is an “evidence-based treatment”. It has been studied in thousands of children and shown to be very effective in helping children with disruptive behaviour problems get back into the typical range of functioning.

Contact: Katerina Dolezalova // Phone: +61430212543 // Email:

The Junction Works

Now I’m Ready for Big School


This project supplies little people starting school with their backpack, lunch box, drink bottle and stationery items so they all start school with the same advantage as any other child.  Children are from Macquarie Fields and surrounds who run specific transition to school programs for disadvantaged kids.

Contact: Tanya Eades // Phone: 02 4625 7333 // Email:<

CRSL Logo White Background

Campbelltown RSL 

Delta Society

Delta Therapy Dogs – Red Bandanna Club


To provide funding for Animal Assisted Therapy in aged care/Hospital/disability facilities in the Campbelltown area.

Contact: Liz Woodward // Phone: +61281042607 // Email:

Odyssey House

Bringing Up Great Kids 


Bringing Up Great Kids was developed by the Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF) which has trained more than 3000 parenting facilitators working in a diverse range of organisations to use the suite of Bringing Up Great Kids programs. At Odyssey House NSW, this program is delivered by ACF trained facilitators as a weekly group over a 5 week period or as a 2 day intensive program depending on the needs of the local client group. This flexible program involves peer and counselling support for local parents (single or partnered), grandparents and other family members, and youth with young children with or without Family and Community Services involvement who have an alcohol and/or other drugs issue. In 2018/19, the program was funded by ClubGrants and therefore run locally in Chatswood, North Sydney, the City of Sydney and Burwood in as part of our free community-based alcohol and other drug (AOD) services. The program is offered when it is funded by opportunities such as this and we would like to offer this program again in 2019/20, this time in your local area. This program assists parents recovering from AOD issues by providing positive parenting education, helping them to build positive relationships and providing a safe nurturing group environment to learn new skills  

Contact: Christine Campbell // Phone: 0290377025 // Email:

Women’s Justice Network

Healing From Within


The “Healing within” project will support female young people who are currently housed in the Reiby Juvenile Justice Facility in Campbelltown. WJN would employ a Youth Worker to run the Healing from Within Group Program which would be held on 26 occasions for the young girls over a 2- 3 hr sessions. WJN would establish a fortnightly group bringing together female youth to explore and develop opportunities to connect to their communities. Group’s would involve building upon their individual strengths, increasing their self-esteem and confidence, and supporting them to create opportunities for greater connection to their individual cultures. Cultural elders would lead the groups and would share a common goal of empowerment of young women away from a life of crime, drug and/or alcohol dependency and social exclusion. WJN would work to engage with the young girls and support them through long-term mentoring of a trusted, and rained female volunteer who will mentor them in the community for up to a 12 month period.  

Contact: Gloria LARMAN // Phone: 0403925132 // Email:

 We Are Community Incorporated 

Token Program


The Token Program will enable people to directly help the homeless and other disadvantaged individuals via a tokenised pay it forward system. The customer can purchase a token from a participating business which will, in turn, give struggling individuals access to food, drinks and other essential services from businesses in their local area

Contact: Paul Mackin // Phone: 0430 391 971 // Email:

Headspace Campbelltown

Choose Life Suicide Prevention Concert


While mental health and wellbeing issues can affect people of any background, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) young people face unique circumstances that can impact on their mental health. Factors include cultural differences, feeling torn between cultures, communication difficulties, PTSD, racial discrimination, negative stereotypes and inter-generational conflicts. This project aims to develop a resource pack, t-shirts with help line/support service contacts and a multimedia production to be used in conjunction with the Choose Life concert. The Choose Life concert aims to break down the stigma of mental health and suicide, particularly among CALD communities, by making the mental health and suicide the focus of the conversation. Young people are provided a platform to share their stories and encourage those who are experiencing mental health issues or thoughts of suicide to seek help. The resource pack with include culturally appropriate material and connections to relevant youth and/or CALD services. The t-shirts will be worn by volunteers on the day of the concert and distributed to attendees to ensure that the contacts have a lasting impact. The multimedia production will help to strengthen the message of the young people sharing their stories and the overall theme of suicide prevention.

Contact: Charishma Kaliyanda // Phone: (02) 4627 9089 // Email:

1 CCC Primary logo CW1 1400 current from 2020

Campbelltown Catholic Club

Alofa Connections Inc

Love Shouldn’t Hurt Pacific Youth Project


A Youth led project aiming overseen by Cultural Leaders to educate, empower and equip Pacific Youth around healthy relationships by having group discussions. The project will be planned and delivered by youth for youth with the assistance and guidance of elders. Two 3 hour sessions will be facilitated in a relaxed, safe environment with a guest speaker present to share their story and journey of how domestic/family violence affected their lives and that of those around them with the hopes of promoting conversation, challenging mindsets and empowering the youth present. The area of Campbelltown now has the highest population of Pacific people in NSW. Domestic and family violence sadly affects a high percentage of these families and for a ‘minority’ group this community has an over representation in both the adult prison and juvenile justice system. Our team of youth representatives aim to make a difference by running this project and making it readily available to all regardless of gender, religion, culture and/or financial status.

Contact: Patricia Perez // Phone: 0401445363 // Email:

Eternity Aid

Reiby Life Skills Development Program


The Reiby Life Skills Development Program pertains to an out of school mentoring program that is held at Reiby Juvenile Justice Centre, Campbelltown. It is staffed by community volunteers, which utilise the power of one-to-one tutor/mentor relationships to bridge gaps in academic and social development. These youth are between 10-17years, both male and female. Volunteers are the specialist mentors that work towards their lifeskills, getting them to become reengaged with school life and assisting them in heightening their reading levels to be able to even learn what school has to teach them. School is limited in teaching this.  

Contact: Lee Bromley // Phone: +61402138618 // Email:

Macarthur Legal Centre

Safe & Healthy Relationships for Young Adults – Awareness of Domestic Abuse


 Domestic Abuse can occur at any age in a relationship, and young people are at risk. The Campbelltown Domestic Violence Committee (CDVC) plans to facilitate a Forum for Young Adults from local Campbelltown High Schools to raise awareness of the risks and dangers in relationships where violence and abuse occur. The CDVC members are specialist domestic and family abuse workers, or senior management who have considerable experiencing working in the field of domestic and family violence. The aim of the Committee is to work towards reducing violence against women and children and this is achieved by constantly raising awareness and educating on keeping safe, being aware of the signs of domestic abuse and educating other services, workers and the general public on healthy relationships and respect. The committee held a Youth Forum in 2018 with the guest speaker Anj Barker, who became a paraplegic when a teenager due to being beaten by her then boyfriend. 300 students attended from local schools to hear her story and to learn how to be more aware of dangers and how to break the cycle of violence. A Youth Forum provides opportunity for young school attendees to listen to a personal story from another young person whose life has been impacted by abuse from a partner. The opportunity exists to educate young persons how to identify the red flags in a relationship, how to seek help if already in an unhealthy relationship and also how to take action to help friends who maybe in a abusive relationship. Early education on healthy relationships and respect in relationships will contribute to the elimination of violence against women and children. With one woman a week murdered in Australia and children present at 70% of incidents involving police, the impact of domestic and family abuse is felt by everyone; the trauma the woman and children experience changes their lives; the children are at risk of growing up to become violent, or being a victim, or turning to drugs or other harmful behaviours. The Forum can address these risks and intervene early with any student already at risk either in their family home or with an intimate partner.

Contact: Lesley Robson // Phone: 0490126872 // Email:

Shepherd Centre for Deaf Children

Kidscape – an art and music playgroup for children with hearing loss and their families in Campbelltown


‘Kidscape’ is an art and music activity group for children with hearing loss and their families living in the Campbelltown area. The program focuses on early learning and developing the listening, language and speaking skills of children with hearing loss through the use of art, craft and music. ‘Kidscape’ consists of weekly children’s play-based activity group, and a parent counselling and support group. Siblings and other family members are also welcome to participate. The children group is facilitated by Shepherd Centre therapists and supported by our team of volunteers. The parent groups are facilitated by a Shepherd Centre Child and Family Counsellor’ and takes place in the second hour of the playgroup. ‘Kidscape’ is aimed firstly at developing the language, speech, listening and social skills of children with hearing loss. ‘Kidscape’ is designed to promote positive parent-child interactions while supporting parents and building their confidence. The program teaches parents the skills necessary to use therapy approaches at home to help their child to develop clear spoken language. Our outcomes have shown that active parental engagement is critical if a deaf child is to achieve the best possible outcomes, as it is parents who typically spend the most time with their child and have the greatest opportunity to support them.

Contact: Elly Unicomb // Phone: (02) 9370 4456 // Email:

Headspace Consortium


Employment and Work Ready Skills for Young People

This project is facilitated by a consortium of organisations and aims to fill the gap in services for young people who are trying to enter the workforce.

Contact: Tania McCurley // Phone: 46485933 // Email: