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UOW Seeking Social Work Stories

Posted on October 16, 2020

The Social Work Stories Podcast is currently looking for social workers to interview about their stories and experiences from practice. These stories will form the basis of exciting new episodes to be aired in 2021.

Social Work Stories records interviews with social workers employed in a wide range of practice areas around the world, with the aim of transferring practice knowledge to the digital space. At a time when face-to-face communication and learning is being increasingly challenged, they offer a unique opportunity for practitioners and students to gather together using the intimate, accessible and flexible medium of podcast. In each episode, co-hosts and resident social workers Mim Fox and Lis Murphy simulate a typical supervision session as they reflect on the experiences, insights and wisdoms shared by a social worker telling their practice story.

Social Work Stories are currently looking for social workers who have general practice stories they would like to share, or stories relating specifically to the changing nature of social work practice throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. They welcome the opportunity to interview social workers from around the world and from all practice areas.

The Social Work Stories team works collaboratively and supportively with social workers throughout all aspects of the interviewing process. This includes assistance with telling your story and using recording technology. Special attention is paid to de-identifying the social worker, their stories and the clients implicated in them to ensure maximum anonymity and respect for all.

Please contact Social Work Stories at SOCIALWORKSTORIESPODCAST@GMAIL.COM for more information