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Prosper & Rainbow Families: #StrongSafeFabulous Campaign 2021

Posted on March 4, 2021

#StrongSafeFabulous Campaign 2021

To promote healthy relationships and prevent violence in rainbow families

Prosper (Project Australia) and Rainbow Families NSW are working collaboratively on a project
to address gendered violence in rainbow families across Australia. Unfortunately domestic and
family violence occurs at similar if not higher rates amongst sex and gender diverse
communities than in the general community (Rainbow Health Victoria, 2020) however we know
that we can change the picture and prevent violence in our communities. We can all be part of
community wide change through:

● Supporting positive, equal and respectful LGBTIQA+ relationships and communities
● Promoting pride in LGBTIQA+ bodies, identities, families and relationships
● Raising awareness and community capability to respond to violence
(Rainbow Health Victoria, 2020)

For more information:
Please contact

Please get involved and share our social media assets from 1-6th March, in the lead up to NSW
Mardi Gras, 6th March.

Call to Action

Please ask your followers to:
1. Share the #StrongSafeFabulous social media tiles
2. Share their own pictures using the hashtag #StrongSafeFabulous
Other hashtags to include:
#StrongSafeFabulous #MardiGras2021 #DomesticViolence #DFV #primaryprevention
Tag us: @ProsperProjectAustralia and @rainbowfamiliesAU