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Occupational Therapy student project placements 2 August – 22 October 2021

Posted on April 15, 2021

Does your organisation need support with a project? Western Sydney University Occupational Therapy Students may be able to assist.

In 2021, our second year Occupational Therapy students will again be participating in project based professional practice placements. Project placements are a great opportunity for our students to recognise and look beyond direct work with clients and explore how their skillset and an occupational focus can contribute across a wide range of projects and activities within a broad range of settings.

This area of practice education will allow students to experience and develop:        

  • self-directed learning strategies
  • time and people management skills
  • team and group skills
  • research skills
  • professional communication skills
  • professional behaviours

If your organisation has a project idea that could benefit from the involvement of occupational therapy students we would love to hear from you. Some ideas of the types of projects our students have completed in the past include:

  • Evidence-based resource development or literature reviews
  • Community resources or activities guides for clients of community, disability or aged-care services
  • Video or visual resources for children with autism
  • Sensory resource kits for schools and childcare centres
  • Fine or gross motor skill development resources for schools
  • Fact sheets/brochures for clients and carers
  • Planning and delivering workshops, professional development activities and presentations
  • Home modification and equipment resources

These are just ideas. Any project with a link to the occupations people perform in their daily lives would be relevant to our students. Examples of occupations of interest include: self-care; leisure; play; rest and sleep; education; work; social participation; and managing health, finances and the home.

Projects would need to be able to be completed within 90 hours per student between 2 August and 22 October 2021, and our preference is for students to be placed in pairs (2 students per project). The 90 hours can include a mix of on-site work and self-directed work completed by the students, depending on the needs of the specific project. Specific attendance requirements will be negotiated between the supervisor and student, keeping in mind the students will also have university timetable commitments during this period. Supervisors will need to commit to communicate regularly with students throughout the project, and at the completion of the project will be required to complete a student evaluation form regarding professional performance during the project for each student.

If you are interested in having students undertake a project at your site please complete the attached expression of interest form detailing the project you would like to propose and forward to Dr Nicole Sharp ( for consideration.

If you have any questions please contact Nicole or Amanda Young, Clinical Placement Officer, on or 4620 3550.

Please return the attached form as soon as possible and by close of business 14th May 2021.

Kind regards, Nicole and Amanda