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TAFE NSW: Invitation to Potential Workplace Supervisors

Posted on April 22, 2021

Dear Colleague: 

I am writing to offer the services of final-stage Diploma of Community Services students to assist you and your organisation with specific projects in 2021.  

We have a number of trained and supervised students who are ready to undertake their final Work Placement Project, which consists of 100 hours of work supervised by TAFE staff. They are keen to use their professional and communication skills to assist your organisation with projects and tasks including quantitative/qualitative research, customer service, and policy/advocacy projects. 

Hosting a Diploma student for their final Work Placement can assist your organisation achieve outcomes which might not otherwise be able to be completed, while playing an important part in the education and training of future community services workers.  

The Students: Students are in the process of completing their Diploma in Community Services and have completed various units of study, including: Sociology, Work, Health and Safety, Stages of Human Development and Reflective practice. Many have other workforce skills. 

Types of Projects: Students in this program will require a specific project to work on, which will be negotiated between the student, workplace supervisor and academic supervisor. The project should provide both opportunities to learn and to practise their skills. Specific supervision needs will be negotiated along with the project plan at the beginning of the project. 

Some examples of projects previously completed successfully by students at this level include (but are not limited to): 

  • form filling, basic customer service including basic referrals; 
  • carrying out literature reviews;  
  • conducting focus or activity groups; 
  • carrying out small-scale research projects such as community needs assessments;  
  • developing community services directories; and  
  • planning and designing online events. 

Note that these placements are not general internships, and the students should not be used as extra labour in routine tasks or to replace paid staff. 

Timing & Duration: Students will be available for 100 hours during theAutumn session of TAFE, which runs from March to June. Students can arrange to complete their projects flexibly to fit your organisation’s space and time constraints. For example, it may suit your agency and the student for the placement to take place 1 day per week over 15 weeks, or you may prefer the placement to be carried out in a block format.  

Insurance/Indemnity: TAFE will provide indemnity for participating placement students. 

Supervision: Students will need to work with a nominated workplace supervisor who gives direction and support with workplace tasks and provides feedback on their final contribution. Not all organisations have physical space for students, so it is possible to arrange for the student to work remotely as long as the workplace supervisor meets physically or virtually regularly with the student.  

The workplace supervisor will be asked to provide the student with a written reference at the end of the placement. 

Students also have an academic supervisor at TAFE, (Miguel Ferrero), who provides support, keeps in contact with workplace supervisors, and makes a final assessment on students’ professional work and conduct. The academic supervisor is also available to the workplace supervisor in case any issues arise with the performance or behaviour of any student working at your organisation. 

This is an exciting opportunity for your organisation to undertake projects that may not be urgent but will enhance your service provision – and we would be very keen to discuss which student/s would be a good match for the projects you would like to see undertaken.  

For further information and to discuss potential projects, contact: Miguel Ferrero at; or 0413721030.


Miguel Ferrero 

Casual Teacher 

Granville TAFE