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TEI Inform – Community Wellbeing Survey Pilot

Posted on July 29, 2021

(Source: facs)

Hi all, 

Launching the TEI Community Wellbeing Survey Pilot

LCSA and DCJ have been working in partnership on the TEI Community Strengthening Data Project with the valued advice from a sector-lead Reference Group. This project was developed in response to sector feedback about the need to:

  • better collect, analyse and report the stories behind the data reported in DEX
  • more consistently measure community wellbeing as a longer-term outcome

The pilot aims to address the above needs with an OPTIONAL survey for TEI Community Strengthening clients. The questions in the survey cover four topics: sense of belonging, community participation, trust in the community and access to services and resources. 

This survey will help us:

  • Better understand how our services contribute to community wellbeing
  • Tell the story behind the data reported in DEX
  • Collect consistent information about community wellbeing

For the purpose of this pilot Community Wellbeing is defined as “The collective sense of belonging, participation, trust and access to resources / services, which is achieved through:

  • Increasing protective factors such as local capacity, social support and resources
  • Decreasing risk factors, such as miscommunication, disengagement, isolation / loneliness and trauma.”

Benefits of joining the pilot: 

  • Obtaining qualitative ‘community wellbeing’ data to complement your DEX data.
  • Building your evidence on what’s working locally and identifying new issues / needs
  • Being part of and contributing to creating a new data set for TEI Community Strengthening activities

What will happen with the survey data?

  • The findings will be reviewed by LCSA
  • A report will be prepared at the end of the pilot for the sector to comment on

LCSA will host a webinar for pilot participants and provide assistance throughout the pilot period. If in the meantime you have any questions, please contact Can Yasmut, LCSA Executive Officer on (02) 9660 2044 or email 

When will the pilot commence?

The Community Wellbeing Survey Pilot is now open for all TEI funded services funded under one or more of the TEI Community Strengthening Stream program activities 1, 2 or 3. 

How do I participate in the pilot?

To participate in the pilot please read the Guide for TEI Community Wellbeing Survey Pilot and fill out the Registration Form by COB Fri 6 Aug 2021.
Kind regards,
Anthony Shannon
Director, Early Intervention, Volunteering and Youth