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What price the gap? Education and inequality in Australia

It is widely understood that Australia’s school performance (as measured by international test scores) has been falling. What’s less understood is that this headline buries a stark, unpalatable fact: our international test results show that kids at the bottom of the performance distribution are falling faster and further than kids at the top.

VET in school students: characteristics and post-school employment and training experiences

 Positioning Organisations for New Environments

This one day workshop for Case Managers, Coordinators and Team Leaders will include practical activities to help you:

* Turn organisational plans into living, breathing and ‘doable’ actions.

* When you’re the “meat in the sandwich”:

  – How to keep everyone happy

  – How to support staff to be awesome

  – Are you leading or just managing?

  – Are you measuring up to the ‘plan’?

WHEN: Thursday, 14 September 2017, 9:30am to 4:30pm

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New Client Intake using My Aged Care Portal

(a workshop for CHSP services)

This session will focus on the new client intake procedures for CHSP services, incorporating the My Aged Care service provider portal.

This includes:

* Knowledge and understanding of the My Aged Care service provider portal tasks required to be completed by service providers when accepting new clients;

* Where to find intake information within the client assessment and file;

* Use a template to develop procedures around new client intake, finding ways to combine old systems with the new.

WHEN: Monday 18 September 2017, 9:30am to 1:30pm

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Reablement and Wellness: Working Effectively with Consumers

A workshop for Case Managers, Coordinators and Support Facilitators

Wellness is about encouraging people to be as independent and involved as they can or want to be in their everyday lives. Reablement refers to a specific type of intervention that is targeted towards meeting a specific client goal within a defined period. This workshop looks at how to bring those two key components together to achieve empowerment, control and maximum independence for your client.

WHEN: 9:30am to 3:30pm Tuesday 19 September 2017

For more information, go to

All workshops will be held at the Staff Training Centre, Campbelltown City Council, 91 Queen Street, Campbelltown