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Innovation in Volunteering

Community Partnerships

University of Western Sydney, School of Occupational Therapy (Heading) 

We have partnered with the University of Western Sydney to provide free OT site assessments for Volunteer Involving Organisations. We have also hosted student placements within Sector Connect Volunteering and have developed a web resource ‘Inclusive Online Volunteering for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder’ – make this a link to this resource 

Collective Impact – Claymore Fusion

Sector Connect Volunteering are participating in this collective impact initiative. Claymore Fusion is creating a volunteer participation and training program within a public housing community.   Organisations involved in Claymore Fusion are Mission Australia, Department of Land & Housing, Campbelltown Council and TAFE NSW. 

If you would more information about Claymore Fusion email us –

Artists Inclusive

Artists Inclusive is a volunteer program initiated by Sector Connect to provide volunteers from minority communities the opportunity to work together to develop an inclusive initiative. The program participants are mentored to work towards their individual learning goals within the program aims.  

A warm, welcoming and safe environment is created, and learning is supported through peer relationships that are based on respect and trust. We strive to practice inclusion in all that we do. 

If you would like more information about this program and how to participate, please email us: