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Leadership as Futures Creation

Leadership Development Course

One Year

The path of transformative learning, is a path of deep learning 

The increasing complexity of the 21st century is demanding more from us,

but not more of the same. 

In response to this challenge we have embraced holistic adult learning principles to design this course so that you will have the time, space and energy needed to authentically develop your 21st century capacities to meet the challenges of today.

By participating in this course you will have the opportunity to deepen your existing leadership skills and knowledge, as well as developing the foundational capacity to see the world anew with ‘fresh eyes’ through the transformative learning journey.

With fresh eyes we see new opportunities and possibilities,

which calls forth our inherent creativity and capacity to innovate.

Your Facilitator

Julie Sedgmen is a practitioner and researcher in the field of adult learning and development.  Her approach is informed by holistic and integral principles and includes psychotherapy, adult learning and development, creativity, transformational learning, systems theories and futures studies.

Julie has taught in integral adult education frameworks in the field of holistic counselling and psychotherapy.  She perceived the need for this learning approach to be applied in the community sector for it’s effectiveness in supporting the development of our higher human capacities.  These capacities, also known as 21st Century Skills, are needed in our time to meet the increasing demands and complexity of our social conditions.

What is transformative learning & development?

Identifying 21st Century Leadership as a current trend in leadership discourse, we wanted to truly understand what was behind these concepts.  We sought to understand what these skills are, why they are needed and how to develop them.

Our research concluded that:

21st Century Skills are in fact, inherent human capacities which are emerging through an evolution of human consciousness.  To develop these capacities, which are beyond intellectual learning, a transformative learning approach is needed.

The transformative learning environment provides the conditions for individual growth and freedom.  Each persons learning experience and meanings will be different, and the process is supported by the capacity of the teacher to hold a safe space for learning to occur.  There is no grading or failure within a transformative learning environment.  It can sometimes be personally challenging, which is why we have included an individual session with each module, to support you to integrate your learning. 

Transformative learning will support you to discern and act out of your authentic self, which by its nature, is inherently creative and present.  It is a way of slow learning where you will develop new practices that you actually use, and will develop further as you continue to grow beyond the time of this course. 

It is about knowing how to create the right conditions for our higher human capacities to unfold.

This course will not give you superficial ‘sound bites’ of information, that may be lost within our information fatigued lives.  This course is developed out of a holistic model of adult learning that empowers you to take charge of your own learning, with goals that are current and relevant to you. 

Course Structure and Learning Environment

Our learning approach will support you to take a deeper dive with the questions that matter to you.  

You will have the time and space to digest and integrate your learning into practical action.  You will actively participate in your own transformation.

We know the community sector and we have designed this course with you and your busy schedule in mind  The course has five modules which guide your learning journey from your Self to Transformative Action in the World.

This is a 12 month course and has a mixed mode of delivery. 

There are 5 modules and you will need to attend one face to face intensive every 8 weeks for 6 hours, with 2 online forums throughout the 7 week module. 

You will be supported to develop your own home study plan to meet your specific learning and development goals. 

Class sizes will range from 5 to 8 participants to support the development of authentic peer learning relationships, enriching your learning experience.

After completing the program you will be invited to participate in the Sector Connect Leadership Conference, such as contributing to the program design, presenting a talk or workshop or to share out of your transformative learning journey.

Course Modules

Module 1: The Path of Transformative Learning

  • Model of the holistic human being
  • Knowing yourself through your own biography (life story)
  • Deep Listening
  • Transformative Learning

Module 2: Evolution of Human Consciousness

  • The evolution of human consciousness
  • What are our emerging capacities?
  • What is the future calling me to do?

Module 3: Creative Dimensions

  • Creativity and creative thinking
  • Working with complexity & paradox
  • Creating conditions for creativity within teams

Module 4: Humanising Humanity

  • Flourishing and diverse human futures
  • Developing our higher human capacities
  • What supports and what diverts our development?

Module 5: Leading in Context with Current World Conditions

  • Global challenges
  • Courage and curiosity
  • Transformational action

Are you ready to transform and deepen your leadership experience?

Course Structure

Study & Contact Hours

Duration:One Year
Total hours of contact:55
Face to Face:30 hours
5 x Individual session:5 hours
Online participation:20 hours
Home study:5 hours per week suggested

Optional Additional Individual Sessions

Course Format

There are 5 modules, each module runs for 7 weeks with 1 week break between modules.

Week 1 of each module you will attend a class (6 hrs), you only need to attend in person once every 8 weeks.

Week 3 of each module will include an online group discussion (2hrs).

Week 6 of each module will include an online group discussion (2hrs).

You have the option to have an individual session with the facilitator either in person or online (included in course fees).

The Program

The Path of Transformative Learning

Break (1 week)

Evolution of Human Consciousness

Break (1 week)

Creative Dimensions

Break (1 week)

Humanising Humanity

Break (1 week)

Leading in Context with Current World Conditions

Break (4 – 6 weeks)

Sector Connect Leadership Conference

Opportunity to participate and share your learning!

Module Format

Week 1: Attend in person 6 hour learning session
Week 2:Home study / optional 1:1 session
Week 3:Online discussion forum
Week 4:Home study / optional 1:1 session
Week 5:Home study / optional 1:1 session
Week 6:Online group – consolidating the learning
Week 7:Submit reflective essay
Week 8:Rest

After completing the 5 modules there will be a short break followed by a Leadership Conference, where you will have the opportunity to present at the conference on a topic you choose, share aspects of your learning journey or facilitate workshop.

Course Fees

Course Fees includes tuition, learning resources, 1x individual session per module:

Fee ScheduleSector Connect MembersNon Members
Course Fee38503990
Additional Options  
5x Individual Sessions480500
1x Individual Session110120

Payment options

We have flexible payment options available. 

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