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Sector Connect auspice multiple programs to better support the needs of the sector. These programs vary, depending on the needs of the community. If you would like us to auspice a project or program, please do not hesitate to call us.

We offer Staff Development & Training for the Community Sector. To see what is coming up click here

Collaboration and partnerships are vital to regional planning and engagement across services to benefit the needs of the clients.  Sector Connect facilitates a number of networks, interagencies and working groups which include:

  • Leadership Network
  • Leadership Executive Breakfast Series
  • Leadership Strategic Action Group
  • MacUnity
  • Macarthur Youth Services Network
  • Child Protection Forums
  • Macarthur Child and Family Interagency
  • Campbelltown Interagency
  • Wollondilly Interagency
  • Macarthur Homelessness Steering Committee
  • Volunteer Managers Network
  • Campbelltown Domestic Violence Committee

Sector Connect work in partnership with many other networks and working groups. again depending on the needs of the community at the time. 

If a program/project does not fit within our funding service specs, Sector Connect provides consultancy, co-design and other supports through:

  • Fee for Service