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Sector Connect Volunteering

Who we are

Sector Connect Volunteering is a volunteer resource centre (VRC) designed to strengthen the capacity of Volunteering Involving Organisations (VIOs) to include the priority groups:

  • young people aged 12 to 18
  • people with a disability and/or mental health issues
  • vulnerable women
  • people who are unemployed
  • First Nation Peoples

Sector Connect Volunteering currently have limited funding, but we will be working with stakeholders to ensure we can provide a relevant, responsive and outcomes focussed program. Regardless, if you are a volunteering involving organisation, please contact us if you would like to know more about leadership, training, sector development and volunteering recruitment support for the priority groups under the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement.  

Please note: If you are looking to volunteer, you can find roles at Seek Volunteer . If you require additional assistance, please contact the Centre for Volunteering

Would you like to volunteer with us? Keep a look out for role on Seek Volunteering.

Our vision and values

Our vision is a volunteering sector that is well supported to provide equitable access to innovative and evidence-based inclusive volunteering management. 

We strive to build the capacity of Volunteer Involving organisations to provide inclusive and meaningful volunteering experiences.   

We value inclusion and promote the positive benefits of diversity by sharing the learning from our own inclusive volunteer-involving experience. 

We share evidence-based approaches for successful inclusive practices through our partnership with key stakeholders.   

We participate in the broader volunteering sector through our relationships with government, volunteering peak bodies and networks. 

We create meaningful volunteering opportunities through collaboration, sector capacity building and innovative program development. 

What we do

Sector Connect Volunteering provides the following services to Volunteer Involving Organisations across the region to develop the volunteering sector’s capacity to deliver inclusive and meaningful volunteering experiences.

⮞ Volunteering Networks ⮜

⮞ Volunteer Manager Training and Learning ⮜

⮞ Volunteer Recruitment Support ⮜

 ⮞ Innovation in Volunteering ⮜

⮞ Inclusive Resources Program ⮜


 ⮞ Centre of Volunteering ⮜

 ⮞ Centre of Volunteering: Handbook ⮜

 ⮞ Volunteering Resource Hub ⮜