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Networks and Interagencies

South West Sydney Networks and Interagencies 2021

Interagencies are an invaluable opportunity to spread the word about your projects and services, to find out about activities others are involved in, to advertise an upcoming event, do regional planning or to gather support for an advocacy issue.

Please Note: Some interagencies and networks have been impacted or changed as a result of past COVID restrictions. Please contact for further enquiries


  • Macarthur Agency Exchange Day (save the date 22nd June)
  • South Western Sydney Executive Breakfast Annual Networking & Planning Event 2023 – save the date 30th of March


Networks supported/participated by Sector Connect (within the region)

Networks Supported/participated by Sector Connect (outside the region)

  • Forum of Non Government Agencies (FONGA under NCOSS)
  • NSW Regional Forum (under NCOSS)
  • FACS SWS Prevention and Early Intervention Group (which feeds into the Planning Group and Evidence Based Practice Group under the reform)
  • Volunteer Centres Network (VCN)

Our Memberships

* Sector Connect stays abreast of sector information on your behalf through membership with the following organisations:

  • AbSec (Aboriginal Child, Family and Community Care State Secretariat)
  • ACOSS (Australian Council of Social Services)
  • CommunityNet
  • LCSA (Local Community Service Association)
  • FamsNSW (Families New South Wales)
  • Jobs Australia
  • NCOSS (New South Wales Social Service Council)
  • The Centre for Volunteering

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